Anhui Silk Co., Ltd.

Silk fabric is woven from silk fiber, a protein as human's hair. By following instructions, your silk will retain its natural beauty :

  • • Wash dark colors separately and do not wash with non delicate garments.
  • • Only use mild detergents like shampoo.
  • • NEVER BLEACH or use bleaching agents.
  • • We highly recommend using a LINGERIE BAG to protect from the washing machine's pulling action that can damage the garment's seams.
  • • Steaming your silks is the recommended method of removing wrinkles.
  • • If a steamer is not available, you may iron your damp silk garments inside out, using the gentle heat setting.
  • • No expose silk to direct sunlight as it will fade.
  • • Dry cleaning is the best way to keep your silk in good condition and maintain its original beauty, luster, and texture. Dry cleaning of fine silks extends the life of the garment, and protects its natural beauty.