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wool suiting

Suiting wool or worsted wool require a greater number of process, during which fibers are arranged parallel to each other. So the worsted is smoother than other woolen, takes shine more easily, does not sag, holds a crease well, is lighter and less bulky, and wears longer than other woolen.

  • • 1 inches = 2.54 cms
  • • Available in various colors
  • • Colors by Pantone# is workable
  • • Few things about fabric-ordering...

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item item no. composition yarns weight width
25051-1# 100%wool 80s/2 x 40s/1 134gsm 58'
39279# 33%wool 44%poly 27%linen (80s*50s) x 36s/1 135gsm 58'
528144-1# 75%wool 25%tencel 76s/2 x 76s/2 142gsm 60'
1265-366# 68%wool 32%poly (60s*60d)/2 x (60s*60d)/2 145gsm 58'
24608# 100%wool (72s/2*135s) x 42s/1 145gsm 60'
TA28136# 100%wool 64s/2 x 38s/1 145gsm 60'
39287# 34%wool 41%poly 25%linen (72s*72s) x 34s/1 150gsm 60'
TA391270-2# 30%wool 70%poly 60s/2 x 60s/2 155gsm 60'
248-A# 33%wool 59%poly 8%linen 72s/2 x (72s/2*34s/1)/3 155gsm 60'
24610# 100%wool (72s*135s) x 42s/1 155gsm 60'
24010-6# 100%wool 72s/2 x 42s/1 158gsm 60'
39253# 44%wool 61%poly 5%spandex 72s/2 x (72s*72s*40d) 165gsm 60'
33000# 50%wool 50%poly 52s/2 x 40s/1 165gsm 60'
TA28145# 100%wool 60s/2 x 60s/2 165gsm 60'
1281# 100%wool 60s/2 x 60s/2 167gsm 60'
28089-4# 100%wool 50s/2 x 50s/2 176gsm 60'
33930# 45%wool 55%poly 72s/2 x 72s/2 180gsm 60'
WGGT# 100%wool 195gsm 60'
240685# 98%wool 2%spandex 60s/2 x (60s/2*40d)3 196gsm 60'
33911# 45%wool 55%poly 50s/2 x 50s/2 196gsm 60'
33998-4# 59%wool 39%poly 2%pv 54s/2 x (54s/2*40d)/2 207gsm 60'
33998-2-5# 59%wool 39%poly 2%pv 54s/2 x (54s/2*40d)/2 207gsm 60'
330961# 70%wool 30%poly 60s/2 x 60s/2 213gsm 60'
7697-3# 100%wool 60s/2 x 60s/2 217gsm 60'
W50P50# 50%wool 50%poly 48s/2 x 48s/2 230gsm 60'
TA27074# 100%wool 56s/2 x 28s/1 209gsm 60'
33997# 59%wool 39%poly 2%spandex 54s/2 x (54s/2*40d)/3 227gsm 60'
33918# 79%wool 19%nylon 2%spandex 28s/2 x (28s/2*40d)/3 300gsm 60'
33917# 79%wool 19%nylon 2%spandex 28s/2 x (28s/2*40d)/3 300gsm 60'
24584# 100%wool (20s/1*48s/1)/2 x (20s/1*48s/1)/2 280gsm 60'
06002# 90%wool 10%cashmere 320gsm 60'